Welcome to the lair of the...

In action at Saith Seren, Wrexham. 30/09/2017

Who are we?


We, the Green Eyed Monsterz, are a fun North Wales, guitar-based rock band.

If you're the kind of person who likes to go to gigs,

more specifically, if you're the type of person who likes to go to gigs and utter such sentences as, 'Wow! This band is really good!' or alternately, 'I'm really glad I came to see these guys. I wonder when they're playing again?'

Then WE are the band for you.

Our extensive repertoire is quite varied;  Black Sabbath, Neil Young, The Bangles, The Monkees, The Cult, Thin Lizzy, Green Day, ZZ Top, T.Rex, Stereophonics, Blink 182, Kings of Leon, King, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones to name but... several. We are always looking for new numbers to pluck and mould into something with our own, unique, inimitable style.

What is more, we are available now for pubs, clubs, weddings, divorces, bar mitzvahs,  birthdays and funeral. Hell, we'll even play in your local supermarket, if you can distract the security staff for a couple of hours. So, why not get in touch with us via our contact page or our fan page on the Book of Faces?  (Or Facebook for the more advanced in social networking skills.)

Band disclaimer: There is no guarantee you'll get a good night, but you will get a GREAT night every time. 


Graham - vocals and general tomfoolery

Gaz - lead guitar and basic japes

Gary - rhythm guitar and comedy antics

Phil - bass guitar and sleight of hand muse

Neil - drums and witty anecdotes 

And here's your friendly neighbourhood team of mutant, crime-fighting, rock, superhero Monsterz, in action!

Above and Top right: Graham-Gob-Iron-Man.

Top right: Gary-The Flash.

Centre: Gaz Spider-Fingers.

Bottom left: Thor-god-of- thunder-fingers, Phil. 

Bottom right: Bat-the-drums-like-a-mad-Man, Neil. 

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