Hi there, Monsterz fanz


So, what have your friendly neighbourhood, crime-fighting, rock monsters been up to?

Well, we've been through a bit of a change, and I don't mean that one where the mad scientist drinks the potion that turns him into Piers Morgan... or Donald Trump... or the wolfman come to that.  I am referring of course, to a change in the line-up.

Phil, (or me as I call myself), is back on the bass-type device, and we have two marvellous guitarists, both called 'Gary', and as I'm sure you all know that old saying, you can never go wrong with a Gary, and we have two of them, so put that in your hornpipe and play Stairway to Heaven on it!

What is more, we are working hard in rehearsals to bring you, the audience, as we like to call you, the evening out you always expect when you come out to see the monsterz, (or stay in, if you happen to work there behind the bar.)

Look out for your old favourites, as well as a few fun surprises we have now in our arsenal ready to shoot you with. You can start getting your orders in now, as we are literally minutes away from awarding you the once in a loaftime opportunity of giving yourself the night of your life.


The Monsterz are back, and green to go.


Stay tuned!


Green Eyed Monsterz ;)


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We're still reeling from rock storm that was 'Gigfest', always great to see you up and dancing to the set.  Next on the agenda, in case you haven't read the news on our Facebook page or heard it from someone else, the band will be doing a fundraiser on 30th September 2017. A great night is scheduled with support by the marvellously talented Kayla. Spectrum PA Hire, will be mixing for the event. Please come along and throw some money in the bucket. See below, or contact us via the site for more details. More gig news coming up. It's been a while, but we are getting back on our feet and getting it all out there for you.

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